Grond Sculpture

About me


My philosophy of work

  • individual creation with respect for the wishes of my clients
  • all «hand made» to the last detail
  • my works are unique and have their own charming signature

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1998 own studio
1998 Glassel ART School in Houston
1997- 1998 Houston Texas, working as ice sculptor
Further education by Mr. Wie Li Wang; famous Chinese sculptor/ painter in the U.S.A.

1997 further studies at a stone sculptor studio

1993- 1997 Formal studies as sculptor in Brienz CH

1973 Born and grown up in Samedan

2003 Syposium "auf dem Ahorn", Luzern
2002 International Sculptor's Syposium Munich, Germany

2001 Symposium Sur En Scuol
2002 Symposium Sur En Scuol
2000 Sculptor's Symposium Schloss Tagstein Thusis

1999 Symposium Sur En Scuol

1999 "Schneekunst" St. Moritz 3. Platz

2004- 2011 Exibition at White Turf St. Moritz

2006 Exibition Parkhaus Serlettas St. Moritz

2006 Exibition at Romantik Hotel Margna Sils

2005 Exibition at Hotel Kempinski in St. Moritz

2002 Exibition Gallerie Risse Munich, Germany

2001 Exibition in St. Moritz

2000 Scuntrada 2000 in Samedan

2000 Exibition at LUGA in Luzern